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trucks are still backed up here in the port of oakland. >> a new hi-tech license could be coming to california. >> it's apparently pretty good reporting. but the cover -- i don't know. >> rolling stone rolling in controversy over its latest cover story which some retailers have already opted to ban. a big part of the bay area economy came to a halt today when a longshore worker at the port of oakland died. >> reporter: it's starting to get back to normal, but it's far from normal yet. a backlog here, five hours after they
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started letting people in. the longshoreman, we've been told by family members, suffered a seizure, a heart attack, and crashed some machinery. >> reporter: dozens of trucks finally got way through the port of oakland this evening. >> they're unloading the trucks and the vessels right now? >> yes. >> reporter: the gate has been closed since early this morning, following the death of a longshoreman. >> she was a wonderful person. >> reporter: a spokesman tells me they followed tradition. after any worker dies on the job, the union starts work for 24 hours. >> reporter: many of the truckers who were stuck in the line wondered why the port had
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to be shut down. time is money for truckers and the ships stuck in the bay. >> i don't know. it's hard to believe. they shut down the whole port. >> reporter: we talked to some longshoremen offcamera who said they're going to deal with these trucks and the ships out as well as they come in in priority order. bart is preparing for round 2 of a strike. but this time, if train operators walk off the job, there might be others to walk in. bart and union workers have until august 4th to hammer out a contract. and to avoid bart chaos, they may have nonunion drivers from the bay area.
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>> we have to make sure we're responsible to the bay area if there is another strike to alleviate the inconvenience. >> here's the snag. it'll take 15 week s to train any replacements. and under the current labor agreement, nonunion workers can only start that training when bart officially goes on strike. family members of a missing oakland toddler don't want people to forget about her. ♪ [ singing ] ♪ >> there was a prayer vigil for daphne web tonight on the corner of 79th and international boulevard. this is the place where daphne's dad said a woman kidnapped her from his car a week ago. >> we are very hopeful for her, and we just want her to come home. we miss her terribly. >> it's just really sad. i just want my baby home. that's it. >> family members have questioned the dad's story and would like anybody who renal saw
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daphne with her dad to come forward. we are getting a first look tonight at three men who oakland police say used the trayvon martin verdict to quit crimes. they are charged with felony vandalism for allegedly breaking women's in the men's warehouse on telegraph avenue. jeffrey clark charged with assaulting an oakland police officer. police say both men were arrested on monday when a splinter group broke away from a peaceful march. another one shares a different side of the protest. a waiter named drew was brutally attacked while trying to protect his restaurant from the mob. >> i heard somebody banging on ourdound, pushed him off and said stop. and that was the degree of our interaction. he turned and just cracked me in the head with a hammer. >> dozebs of windows were -- dozens of windows were broken. the controversial
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photograph. >> reporter: three months after the boston marathon bombing, dzhokhar tsarnaev is receiving the kind of publicity usually reserved for rock stars. >> it does surprise me. >> i'm guess ing it's for shock value. and that's not a reason to put something up that actually cost human life to sell. >> reporter: the magazine features an article on the 19-year-old. the cover reads how a popular promising student was failed by his family, fell into radical islam, and became a monster. rolling stone says the point is to "gain a more complete understanding of how a tragic like this happened." >> it's apparently pretty good reporting. but the cover is -- out of taste. >> reporter: some say that is just rolling stone's style.
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>> i think it's definitely an edgy move on their behalf. they have been known to do edgy cover shots. >> reporter: among them, this 1970s special report featuring charles manson on its cover. this time around, major distributors are declining to sell the issue. cvs, walgreens, and it aid won't stock it. >> it likely won't hurt rolling stone. experts say only about 5% of their sales are in retail outlets. a sweet deal for college students who need subsidized loans. u.s. senators are offering lower interest rates through 2015. undergrads, their rates can be as high as 8.25 percent.
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graduate students 9.25%. earlier this month, student rates doubled from 3.4% to 6.4 tonight the aclu is calling attention to a law enforcement practice that records license plates ofar on the street and in driveways. some readers are mounted to police cars, others are mounted on bridges and buildings. police say this is a great tool to fight crime. but the aclu says the data is being stored with few privacy protections. new at 10:00, you could soon be seeing a new kind of california license plate. >> reporter: imagine your license plate no longer metal but a computer screen. registration would be wireless. >> takes out hassle from going
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to the dmv. >> reporter: they would create a pilot program to test cars with electronic license plates. $20 million a year, it wouldn't have to mail renewal tags. the digital plate would look a lot like the current one and have the ability to display amber alerts and tolls. s. >> law enforcement needs a warrant to be able to put a tracking device on your car. it's a possibility that the way this program could be implemented, these smart plates could be that tracking device. >> reporter: a lobbyist for smart plate says the program isn't geared toward the average driver but big companies with large vehicle fleets. but the measure doesn't specify. we find drivers on both sides. >> i kind of like the idea. i'm a big pro
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ponent of fast track. >> the government is going to have personal information on people. that's not right. >> reporter: and smart plate would also produce advertisements. but that measure died in california three years ago. >> advertises are not included under the current bill which is being considered. boy scouts of america is hosting its national jamboree this week. one group is noticeably absent. why the organization had to turn away some unhappy campers from this year's event. we have had fires but nothing like this. >> an entire california town forced to evacuate tonight as a raging inferno moves in. california.. a forest fire has >> drink, partying, hot tubbing, accused of being bad neighbors. we've got that story coming up. >> less crowd cover today,
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warmer temperatures. and for some of you tonight, not as cloudy outside already! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forced the evacuation of the entire town of idyllwild...s
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is tains in southern california, a forest fire has forced the evacuation of an entire town. the town of idshgs is west of palm springs. it has burned about 22 square miles. the crews ordered the evacuations late this afternoon. 6,000 people need to get out of that area right now. more than 2,200 firefighters are on the fire lines tonight. >> we're trying to take out any heat in the black area. so it doesn't cross our lines in some areas and get back into the green. >> the fire has destroyed a couple of homes already. water-dropping helicopters and a specially equipped dc-10 are trying to get the fire under control. >> it's dangerous there because it can get so hot and so dry. >> driest spot of the year for the entire state of california, southern california in
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particular. nothing big around here the past couple months, but southern california, big fire right now. we have a lighter onshore flow. very strong, cloudy, chilly yesterday. not as strong today. mid-80s for vacaville. microclimate forecast, to fremont. you'll have a high of 78 tomorrow. cloudy to start, but sunny in the afternoon. and less cloud cover on friday with a high of 79 degrees. changes are going on. we had that very strong and thick marine layer, and a stronger onshore flow but that has moved out because the source of the low pressure has moved off to the west, shoved out of the way by a large area of high pressure moving from east to west. the opposite of how things normally move, but it's back. and this will really warm things up inland. you'll be in the 90s away from the water coming up tomorrow.
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and it will limit the onshore folks. we'll have morning cloud cover, but not as much, and it will burn off earlier. low pressure does return, but not until the top of next week bringing on the stronger flow the next several days through the weekend. near the bay, sunshine earlier than the past couple days. inland, sunny from start to finish. the highs in the 90s, and this warming trend which already began will stay warm through the weekend. san jose back to normal, 84 tomorrow. redwood city 81, union city 77 degrees. fairfield 94. san rafael back to the low 80s. staying in the 90s through the weekend inland. sunny skies near the bay. pleasant weather, morning sunshine, mid-70s, and a touch cooler next week. but very pleasant. not hot, but warm. >> we'll take it. internship." interns of all ages at google are enjoying good
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life -- a 6-thousand dollar >> > the movie, the internship. interns at google are enjoying the good life. a six$6,000 a month salary, and paid for housing. but they're making few friends out of their neighbors. >> some loud parties and some late -night hot tubbing are keeping residents awake in the evening. >> reporter: google interns are young, smart, well-paid, and know how to have a good time. this unit is right next to this pool and hottub. and the barbecue grill area where the interns have been known to party throughout the week. >> does it keep you up? >> oh, yeah , it does. but we've got earplugs. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's unclear how many are here, but a facebook page called crescent village google interns had nearly 400 members. the daily mail got
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photos before the page was taken down. after numerous complaints, a note went out to all 2,000 residents reminding them to be quiet and considerate. >> i think it's pretty obvious when you have 300, 400 people coming into a place, and they know each other, there's going to be socializing that goes on. >> reporter: google interns have been in the media spotlight with the hollywood film, the internship. and life is good. gourmet meals, laundry service , and pay of up to $6,000 a month. every day, google shuttles them in en masse to and from the property. >> this might be the first time they have been out of the house. so you send them out here, and they have all kinds of opportunity, it's wonderful, so i don't know if they really knew any different.
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so this is a learning experience. >> reporter: and the apartment complex released a statement saying "please enjoy all the amenities. just do so respectfully." google had no comment to us, but they did tell new york magazine that they have reminded their interns to be respectful of the community. >> 300 people is one thing, 300 interns with little cash in their pockets and living the life, that's something else. what are san jose police doing? >> reporter: we asked them to compile all the noise complaints in the past three months. only one happened on may 31st at 1:18 in the morning. an officer knocked on the door, no answer, and the music was turned down. soon be bringing your favore t-v shows to your computer screen. "the wall street journal" reports... google could soon be bringing your favorite tv shows
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to your computer screen. google is in talks with media companies now to distribute shows by way of the internet instead of through cable or satellite. it's rumored that intel and apple may also be developing similar technology. they have been criticized in the past for discriminating against gay members. now the boy scouts have set their target elsewhere. the one group not allowed at this year's national jamboree in west virginia. >> reporter: he has racked up over 135 merit badges. >> this cansing merit badge sets up for the small boat sailing merit badge, any aquatic badge. >> reporter: he is among the
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top in eagle scouting. he's taken part in the national jamborees. but some scout leaders need not apply. new guidelines for bad mass index, the severely obese will not be allowed to attend. while those considered simply obeats can still attend with a doctor's note. the average bmi is 18-25. the fitness director of fitness sf says exclusion isn't the answer. >> to exclude them for physical activity, even though i understand there's a health risk with the intensity of the workouts, this should be a modification. >> reporter: boy scouts of america says members were given advanced notice and plenty of time to get serious about their health. while soughts say it's a health -- scouts say it's a health and safety issue, others
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say it's exclusionary. >> maybe they could do a toned down event for the kids who are obese. >> i think the most obese people should be the ones who do exercise. >> they can't always help that they're obese. it's not fair that they don't get to participate in activities. >> reporter: the jamboree is expected to attract 50,000 scouts from around the world. fight in her. how this tough granny warded off a would-be robber. she's almost 100 years old, and she's still got plenty of fight in her. how this tough granny warded off a would-be robber. ,,,,,,,,,,
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one has been ringing o bad guys might want to think twice before they mess with this gritty granny. >> her phone has been ringing off the hook ever since she told a robber to take a hike! >> you can have all the tootsie rolls you want, but i am not opening that register. >> longtime friends say she's always been strong-willed. police are still looking for the would-be thief. a former football star may have played his final down.
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,, taking down the old bay bridge is almost as big a project as building the new one. >> they have great documentation about how the old structure was built in the 1930s, and they'll use that itself a roadmap. >> reporter: first to go will be the cantilever framework. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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a's farm system is flourishg orbes maga despite having one of the lowest payrolls in the major league, the a's farm system is flourishing. they are valued at $38 million, making them the most viable team in the minor leagues. the fresno grizzlies
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are valued at $24 million. the oakland a's fans can see more of this. they're going to open the games at 4:30 on fridays so fans can watch cespedes take batting practice. colin kaepernick in l.a. tonight. detroit's 1st round pick in 2010 but missed ten games in 2011 and all last season with lingering effects. talk about ultimate job security. an undisclosed long-term contract. the 60-year-old has 891 wins. and this is who we think is going to win the british open, which starts in minutes. and see that go at the end? wayne, our director. >> he has a good track record. >> he pick ed rose to open the
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u.s. open, and he did. >> wow! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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